United States Probation Office
Western District of Kentucky

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Requirements for Becoming a U.S. Probation Officer


Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university with specialization in criminal justice, criminology, psychology, sociology, human relations, business or public administration. An advanced degree is preferred.

Physical Requirements and Maximum Entry Age

Because officers must effectively deal with physical attacks and are subject to moderate arduous physical exertion, applicants must be physically capable to do field work and possess a valid driver's license. First-time appointees must not have reached their 37th birthday at the time of appointment.

Specialized Experience

Progressively responsible experience, gained after completion of a Bachelor's degree in such fields as probation, pretrial services, parole, corrections, criminal investigations, or work in substance/addiction treatment. (Experience as a police, custodial, or security officer is not creditable.)

The following requirements may be substituted for one year of specialized experience: Overall "B" grade point average; standing in upper third of the class; "B+" average or better in the major field of study; Election to membership in National Honorary Scholastic Societies (other than Freshman Honor Societies).

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